The chocolate tour and tasting is a three-hour guided educational adventure where you will learn all about the cacao tree and see how chocolate is made from the cacao fruit (cacao pods).  Learn about permaculture,  sustainable farming and exotic fruits.

Durring the tour we sit down to an EXTENSIVE chocolate tasting to sample Hawaiian grown and made chocolates.

Chocolate tours and tasting are on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  They start at 9:30 AM and end at 12:30 PM. Call 808-634-6812  to reserve a space on the next tour. The tour and tasting is open rain or shine. The cost is $65 a person, kids (12 to 4) $29 and kids 3 and under are free.  We are located on the North Shore of Kauai in Kilauea.  

We keep the percentages of cacao high (85%) to ensure the health benefits.  If you like dark chocolate, you will love this tour.

In the all you can eat chocolate tasting we sample over 20 types of chocolates including hot chocolate made in the traditional Latin American style with fresh ground chocolate liquor, fresh whole vanilla pods, fresh ground all spice, fresh coconut meat and coconut milk, and local honey. (no cane sugar)

Some of the samples available to stimulate your taste buds and satisfy your soul:

coconut milk curry, 
chinese 5 spice, 
garam marsala, 
spicy pepper (chipotle and cayenne ), 
mint butter cream, 
sea salt
, saindoux
, almond butter, 
, blueberry, orange with criollo nibs, dried cherries, hempseed, 
single varieties from Kauai and the Big Island, 
plain 85% with fresh roasted nibs, 
cajun spice
, truffles of assorted flavors, 
durian truffles, 
expresso cream truffles, ginger, 
macadamia nut, 

shredded toasted coconut, 
tahitian lime 
and many many  more……..

Taste the Aloha.

Advanced reservations are required.

Tour and Tasting Reviews

14 Responses to Chocolate Tour & Tasting

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  2. Joanne Stephens

    We have a person in our group that is on crutches. Can he go on the Farm Tour?

    • Koa


  3. Bonnie Manning

    We attended the tour today!!!!! AWESOME!! A must do while on Kauai, great hosts, useful and insightful information, beautiful location rain or shine, really good pace most important a grand selection to taste and experience which opened our eyes to options we never consider for chocolate. thank you for a great tour, and all the tasting not just chocolate. B

  4. Carole

    We’re in in Kapaa until Wednesday and we would love to come take the chocolate tour and tasting. How do I make reservations and where are you located?

    • Koa

      Aloha, our next tour is on thursday, just give us a call to make a reservation.

  5. Lilikoi

    I hope you don’t mind but I have been getting wonderful feedback about your chocolate tour and I thought I would link you in areas of interest on my website. Just a quicky fix for now as as of August 1, 2014 after nearly 18 years of service to my visitors, I am going into semi retirement to babysit my twin grand daughters now almost 9 months old. No charge for the links, just promoting what serves our visitors. Hope you are all enjoying a wonderful Sunday. Malama pono, Lilikoi (808) 821-1000 text or vm anytime

  6. Christian

    Koa & Angela really bring chocolate to life, from sapling, pod to bar. They shared not only their exquisite bars but also their knowledge, passion and love for farming on Kauai. We and our kids simply loved their “tour de chocolate”. A gem on Kauai we didn’t know before. We will come come back again!

  7. ruth

    How do you sign up to participate in a tour???

    • Koa

      Aloha, just give us a call to make a reservation. 808-634-6812

  8. anna

    What are your tour prices? Mahalo

    • Koa

      $65 an adult, $29 kids

  9. Marie

    Truly enjoyed the tour in May, 2015. You gave us a taste of a fruit that tasted a little like bananas, but cannot remember the name. Was a very large & yellow I believe. Could you give the name. Thanks Marie

    • Koa

      It was jackfruit, the largest fruit in the world.

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